Now that you’ve constructed a pathway in your yard, you need to decide what material you want to use. Two of the most common choices are concrete and pavers. They both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. A walkway contractor can help you with your pavement choices.


Concrete is hard and durable. It can stand up to harsh weather and abuse by people and pets. Another advantage concrete has is that it is easy to obtain. Also, once you have it, it is pretty easy to pour. You don’t need to go to the expense or trouble of hiring someone to do the work for you. In a short amount of time, you can do it yourself. If you wanted a concrete walkway, you had only one boring choice; it needed to look like an ordinary city sidewalk. That is no longer the case. You can now find several types of decorative concrete that are quite stylish and sophisticated. One example of this type of stonework is stamped concrete. This material is widely available and functions just like ordinary concrete, but it’s stamped to give the appearance of stone, tile, and many other popular designs.

Concrete walkway installation can be quite expensive. Also, once you lay it down, that’s pretty much it. Changing it or tearing it up can be costly as well. This can be especially troublesome if your concrete walkway breaks or crumbs. It will cost you financially to fix, but it is also hard work.


Pavers are also an excellent option for walkways. They are set in the sand rather than mortar, making them very smooth and easy to walk on. They also come in various shapes, sizes and colours, so it will be easy to find a style to fit your tastes. Pavers will give your walkway a more modern and contemporary look than ordinary concrete. You can lay the pavers any way you like to create exciting and unique patterns in your walkway.

One downfall of the paver walkway is that its success as a functional part of your landscape depends upon its correct installation. The stones lay on sand or fine gravel that needs to be compacted. If this is not done correctly or well, the finished product will be uneven and difficult to use. Your best bet is to hire a contractor rather than tackle the task yourself, thus costing you additional money.

Whether you choose to use concrete or pavers is strictly a personal choice. Consider the size and function of your walkway before you make your final decision. Either way, you will get a walkway that will enhance your landscape. Visit the walkway photo gallery at to see examples of how walkways can improve your landscape.

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